Monthly Car Rental Dubai

Looking for cheap and best monthly car rental in Dubai, UAE. We are the premium car rental company in Dubai downtown. We provide neat & clean cars at affordable prices.

Cheap and Best Quality Monthly Car Rental in Dubai Downtown

Dubai is a beautiful country; people are mesmerized by the modern and beautiful Arabic architecture. Dubai is a city with superstructures with the Burj Khalifa being the tallest of the supertall. You can discover the history of Dubai, the culture of the emirates, and ride camels in deserts. All adventure lovers can go swimming with dolphins and enjoy water parks.

Do you wish to explore more about Dubai? I know walking and exploring Dubai is highly impossible! Are you looking to rent some cars?  How about Luxury at pocket-friendly prices? Yes, you heard right, I am not kidding. You can explore Dubai or go to work in a luxury car at the cheapest rates. 

If you are looking for a monthly car hire solution, we here can provide you with high-quality vehicles at the cheapest prices for your travels within the UAE. Monthly car rental plans take the hassle and cost out of buying a car and maintaining the same.

Monthly Rental in Dubai

Monthly rental in Dubai is famous among people who wish to stay for years to come in the emirate, many end up moving back to their home country after a couple of years. This includes business travelers on extended stays, students and lecturers studying at the Emirate’s colleges and universities, healthcare sector workers, and contract employees. In such cases, instead of taking a car loan hiring monthly rental is a better option.

For all customers who wish for short-term flexibility and if you wish you can extend for long-term benefits.  You can avail of deals like 1 month, 3-month, 6-month, 9-month and 12 months  rentals, or Mini Lease. Here we offer a wide range of vehicles to choose from along with high-quality premium packages that cover various other perks like pick-up and delivery services, 24 hours road assistance. 

5 reasons why monthly rental is better?

A monthly rental is a great option if you are moving to Dubai for a shorter period of time. Monthly rental offers a wide range of services which makes them the best choices. Here are a few reasons to state why monthly rental is better.

  • Value for money

Competitive deals and flexible contracts include feature-rich vehicle specifications with ABS, Bluetooth as standard, and a host of other in-cabin, safety, and driver features. Executives are trained well, and they make the contract process easy to understand, stress-free, and quickly ramp up the procedure. Our customers are satisfied with our services. 

A variety of vehicles are available, you can choose the best for you. All vehicles are serviced and updated regularly. 

  • Flexibility

Rental is offered for 1 month, 2 months, or 3 months, but customers are given the freedom to extend the contract. You can do it simply by following the instructions available on our website. You can also talk to a customer care executive. This gives customers unparallel flexibility in their vehicle management, regardless of the length of the contract. Customers who have made a long-term commitment to Hertz can change vehicles as often as they like. 

  • Transparency

Our process is completely transparent so that our customers are aware of all the rules mentioned in the contract. We provide full details of the vehicle booked along with its specifications online. Our Terms & Conditions are explained clearly during booking, vehicle pick-up, and return, minimizing the possibility of excess charges or costs to the customer.

Our terms and conditions are enclosed in such a way to provide the best rental experience to our customers. to ensure this, we provide all customers with a complete list of terms attached with each rental agreement to avoid any issues in understanding.

Our Terms and Conditions are written in easy-to-understand language and explain our rental terms and conditions in clearly defined, jargon-free terms. 

The invoice with all charges is sent to our customers with no extra charges. Customers can contact our customer care representatives for any further assistance. We provide 24/7 customer support.

  • Convenience 

Our rental packages include all car-related concerns like Servicing, Road Toll, Traffic fines, and other regular maintenance work needed on the car. Booking is a very simple and easy process. You can choose the car by browsing our website and then paying online. Customers can submit all their documents online in complete confidence, using our secure online portal. Alternatively, our operators can deal with all inquiries and rental bookings over the phone. Customers can pick up a vehicle at one branch and drop it off at another, for quick and hassle-free service. In the unlikely event of a breakdown, accident, or key loss, our 24-hour contact center can help immediately.

  • No Maintenance required

All cars in our service center get updated every month and hence no additional maintenance is required from your end. Car rental charges cover all these expenses hence there will be no additional expenditure for you. 

Final Words

if you are moving to Dubai for short time due to official work or for studying, buying a car can be a tough choice. Instead, you can go for a monthly car rental service which covers most of the services. Come make a wise choice and enjoy your ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accidents and breakdowns happen all of a sudden and hence, there is a replacement option. This clause is mentioned in your contract as well. We focus on our customer’s safety, convenience, and comfort.

In Dubai, rental cars are affordable. Compared to the weekly and daily rental, you can save more if you for a 30-day rental.

  • To hire a car, you will have to present a valid driving license. You are supposed to hold this license for at least one year. 
  • If you are between 25-65, you can hire a car. If you are between 18-24, you will have to pay a young driver fee. 
  • A valid credit card in the name of the Main Driver and with sufficient funds must be presented at the rental desk in order to pre-authorize/charge the deposit.
  • Identity proof is also required. Either your passport or your nationality proof. 
  • A printed version of your voucher must be presented when you pick up your car. Failure to present it may incur an additional charge.


Savings of up to 15% with our car rental solutions, global coverage and a dedicated customer team

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