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Prox Car is the luxury car rental company in Dubai Downtown, we have a wide range of luxury cars and economical cars for rental in Dubai. If you are looking for a premium car for business trip or heading on a vacation, you can quickly rent a car from Prox Car. With our wide range of luxury and economical cars for rent, you can choose your dream car of your choice.

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Car Rental Flexibility

Whether you need daily car rentals, monthly car rentals or long term leasing, choose a length to suit your needs.

New Vehicles

Our vehicles are new and well maintained, ranging from compact to luxury, drive away happy.

Rent a Car with Best Prices

Get the best car rental price in Dubai when you book direct with Europcar


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Monthly Car Rental

Looking for cheap and best monthly car rental in Dubai, UAE. We are the premium car rental company in Dubai downtown.


Looking for cheap and best SUV car rental company in Dubai Downtown? We are the best car hire company in Dubai downtown 


looking for a SEDAN car for hire in Dubai downtown? We are the affordable Sedan car rental company in Dubai downtown

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Different Between SUV and Sedan Car

In case you’re considering renting a car or as of now have one and simply need to know, what is the difference between an SUV and a Sedan? Here’s a breakdown of the two body styles: SUVs are frequently called four-wheel drives (4WDs) or all-wheel drives (AWDs). They’re taller than

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Savings of up to 15% with our car rental solutions, global coverage and a dedicated customer team

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